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Zac Morris began fencing as a young athlete over 20 years ago, and has 15 years of coaching experience in the sport. Most recently, he was the head coach of Priori Fencing Club and Program Director for Fencing Calgary. 


Passionate about coaching and the sport of fencing, Zac also enjoys the unique relationships he develops with his students and has found success coaching youth with his ability to relate to them. He brings a wealth of fencing and pedagogical knowledge as a coach. Notably, Zac can teach all three fencing disciplines, has an additional background in strength and conditioning and physical exercise, and constantly strives to improve and remain a lifelong student of the sport. Over the years, his students have fenced at an international level, won national championships, and made the Canadian national team.


Beyond coaching students at all levels, Zac has also been involved in developing fencing programs and curriculums, as well as the development of new fencing coaches. Zac has been active in the province’s fencing scene as a referee, and as a board member of the Alberta Fencing Association. 

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