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Welcome to Wild Rose Fencing Club!

Sabre fencing mask with a red maple leaf on the front.
"Strong Roots Reach Great Heights!"

The Wild Rose Fencing Club offers a variety of fencing classes in Edmonton, and is set on providing a fun, competitive, and inclusive learning environment for young athletes, regardless of skill-level. 

From Beginners to National Team Members, our athletes are built from a solid foundation focused on prioritizing Long Term Athletic Development. 

Fencing Is for Everyone

Regardless of who you are, or where you're from, fencing can quickly become a life-long passion for anyone and everyone!

The Wild Rose Fencing Club prides itself in being able to educate and excite it's members with expert instruction from our experienced and passionate coaches.

"The difference between  ordinary and extraordinary is PRACTICE"

Young fencer parrying and going to hit his fencing coach.
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