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Our Coaching Philosophy

"Strong roots reach great heights!"


True to our motto, the Wild Rose Fencing Club's primary goal is to expand our roots, and help introduce a new generation of athletes to the sport of fencing. We hope to facilitate participation for young athletes through fun, enthusiastic program delivery, and a continued committment to Long-Term Athletic Development. Our coaches come with over a decade of experience instructing both recreational and high-level athletes, and work with our students to instill a passion and love of the sport. 

Why Fence?

Fencing is a dynamic sport; offering both a physical, and mental challenge that excites and motivates anyone who picks up a blade. Whether your child loves "Zorro" or "Star Wars" -- or you are simply looking for them to try something new -- we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches in a fun and competitive environment. 

Our coaches will work with you and your child to establish and meet their fencing goals, and ensure that they enjoy the journey along the way. 

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