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Alberta Cup 2 Results

Good experience gained and lessons learned at the second Alberta Cup of the season! Let’s finish the second half of the term strong! 💪🏼😤

️U13 Results


5th Simon

6th Griffin

7th Grant

8th Jake

9th Charlotte

️U15 Results

🥈 Braydon

5th Charlotte (Women’s)

7th Kaelan

8th Griffin

️U17 Results

6th Avy (Women’s)

7th Jimin

11th Braydon

12th Konstantin

14th Kaelan

️U20 Results

5th Brooke (Women’s)

8th Sungmin

11th Jimin

13th Braydon

️Senior Results

🥈 Coach Spencer

🥉 Coach Will

5th Brooke (Women’s)

9th Sungmin

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