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Alberta Cup 2 Results

Good experience gained and lessons learned at the second Alberta Cup of the season! Let’s finish the second half of the term strong! 💪🏼😤

⭐️U13 Results⭐️


5th Simon

6th Griffin

7th Grant

8th Jake

9th Charlotte

⭐️U15 Results⭐️

🥈 Braydon

5th Charlotte (Women’s)

7th Kaelan

8th Griffin

⭐️U17 Results⭐️

6th Avy (Women’s)

7th Jimin

11th Braydon

12th Konstantin

14th Kaelan

⭐️U20 Results⭐️

5th Brooke (Women’s)

8th Sungmin

11th Jimin

13th Braydon

⭐️Senior Results⭐️

🥈 Coach Spencer

🥉 Coach Will

5th Brooke (Women’s)

9th Sungmin

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