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ATTENTION: Alberta Provincial Memberships

For all fencers, please note that in addition to the club's membership, remember that all fencers in Alberta who are registered with a Local Club, must also register with the Alberta Fencing Association.

There are three (3) levels of membership with the Alberta Fencing Association.

1. COMPETITIVE - This level is for the serious athlete who is competing and training to achieve excellence in the sport (includes National Membership + License). This level of membership is required for you to compete at Sanctioned Tournaments within the Province.

2. ASSOCIATE - This level is for club based programs only (classes, local events, non-sanctioned tournaments, camps).

3. PARTICIPANT - Minimum required membership level. Access and Introduction to the sport of fencing. Trial membership and low entry cost to prior to committing to the sport and a club.

Please click here to view more information, and to register with the Alberta Fencing Association.

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